Posted by: riverchilde | June 6, 2018

The best days of his life

As we prepare to go to the cabin this weekend, which marks what would have been Alex’s 21st birthday, I can’t help but recall what I would guess was the best weekend of his life: those days spend celebrating his 13th birthday at the cabin with four of his best friends.

The weather wasn’t great, but they made the most of it–playing on the park beach after dusk (forbidden by park rules!) and then walking home through the woods at night, plotting and counter-plotting how to scare each other. Showing off their BB-gun shooting prowess with skills sharpened by Boy Scout camps. Working together to put Alex’s little skiff in the water and puttering around on it. Playing on the archaic playground equipment in Ladysmith (long since removed). Burning Alex’s entire year’s worth of school homework and notes and pretending to puff on giant cigars made out of them. Talking into the late hours, falling asleep where they sat or lay in Alex’s loft room, sprawled all over like exhausted puppies. Horsing around in the water.

And finally, most awesomely, intensely, wonderfully, taking a three-tube, five-person ride behind the boat in the rain, with Alex hoarsely shouting “THIS. IS. INTENSE!”  It may have been the best moment of his life.

To every boy who shared that moment: Thank you for the memories.

Happy birthday, Alex! We will love you forever.




  1. Beautiful memoris. And isn’t it true that the best ones often happen in the midst of “imperfect” – weather, plans falling through, or whatever.

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