Posted by: riverchilde | March 23, 2011

Sabbath on Saturday

Last week I was sick. Miserable flu-sick. Feverish nights and run-over-by-a-Mac-truck days. I self-quarantined myself with barracades of books and backpack when I had to be in classes, and slept when I didn’t. By Saturday, I’d had it with sleep, but still had the mobility level of an Energizer bunny with off-brand batteries (plink, plink, plink). It was the best day I’ve had in months. I curled up under a polarfleece blanket on the sofa and read Harry Potter, ate food out of the deep-freeze that only needed minutes in the microwave, and downed dozens of cups of tea. I was off-duty as mom, because my husband and son were off skiing and my 18-year-old daughter is more than old enough to handle her own needs. It was just what I needed (except for the excess fluid in my sinus cavities). I was reminded that when we neglect Sabbath, Sabbath finds us. And it was very good.

(Thanks, Jacquelin, for the blog idea!)



  1. Your comments on Sabbath are wise words. We so often forget that it is a gift, a very intentional gift. If we choose to ignore it, we miss out on so much. There is so much to be learned from quiet, and rest, and being present. I’m glad you enjoyed God’s gift, and gave yourself the moment you needed to care for self. Maybe you can mark your calendar and give yourself the gift of Sabbath without having to be sick. 🙂

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