Posted by: riverchilde | March 13, 2011

A Lenten gift

Someone I deeply respect gave a valuable Lenten gift on Ash Wednesday, and I’ve been using every day since. Every morning I take it out and look anew at its shimmering facets, turning it this way and that way, letting the light that glows within its core dance all over my surroundings. All day long, it illuminates my life and those around me.  At the close of the day, as dusk falls and the stars appear, I gaze into its mirrored surface and reflect upon my day, seeking further enlightenment and wisdom.

From this cherished gift of four words–“You are perfectly imperfect”–shines forth the twin beams of grace and law, each of equal strength, neither too much of one nor of the other, allowing me to live in peace with myself and others.

It just may be the one of the most precious gifts I have ever been given, increasing in worth as I use and share it.



  1. Thank you for sharing about this gift you received. The way you describe it, I can imagine what it might look like and those four words – WOW! What a message of grace during this time of Lent. It’s certainly something I need to hear.

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